My order was delivered but I did not receive it, what are the next steps?

Please contact us right away at if you have received a delivery notification but can’t locate the package at your address.

Sometimes UPS will deliver to a pickup location (such as an access point) if there is no one at home when they attempt delivery. This is usually only the case for smaller packages such as our Pillows and Sheet Sets. We can check your tracking for you to verify if your order has been delivered to a pickup location.

If we find the package shows delivered to your correct address, we will ask that you check with your neighbours in case they have accepted the package for you or received it in error. You should also check your back door, garage or other areas where it may have been left by UPS to keep it safe in the event they’ve left it for when you weren’t home.

If the package cannot be located, we will open an investigation with UPS. Not to worry, your package is ensured for loss or damage, so we’ve got you covered!

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