What is the PerfectSense Mattress Warranty?

PerfectSense 10 Year Warranty
  • Your new PerfectSense Mattress is covered by a 10-year Limited Warranty. For 10 years following your PerfectSense Mattress purchase, if you experience a manufacturer defect covered under our warranty, we will offer a one-time replacement or repair of the original mattress size purchased.
  • This includes all components of the mattress. There is no fee or deductible required. If the warranty claim happens during your 100-night trial period, the trial will be paused during shipment of the replacement mattress and the trial will resume upon delivery of the replacement PerfectSense.
This Limited Warranty covers the following during normal wear and use:
  • Degradation, which causes the mattress to have a visible indentation greater than one (1) inch, not associated with an improper foundation.
  • Any physical flaw in the mattress that causes foam material to split or crack, despite normal usage and proper handling.
  • Any defect or flaw in the zipper assembly of the mattress cover. PerfectSense may decide to repair or replace the cover that wraps the PerfectSense Mattress.

This Limited Warranty does not cover:

  • A normal increase in softness of the foam after long-term use.
  • Comfort preference or mattress height preference.
  • Any stains, burns, tears, cuts, or liquid/moisture damage resulting from use by customer or their environment.
  • Damage due to use with an inappropriate foundation.
  • Product that is sold by an unauthorized retailer or product that is in any way sold as “used” or any other similar wording indicating the product is not “new.”
  • Except for the terms provided above, PerfectSense will not charge the purchasers to repair or replace a purchaser’s mattress if it is deemed defective during the length of this 10-year Limited Warranty. No new warranty will be provided for the replacement product. Any warranty claim is only applicable within the country of original delivery, to the same customer name.
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